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Platinum in Cancer Therapy

Effective Mechanism

DNA bonded cisplatin

PDB code: 3LPV

Very soon after the discovery of the therapeutic effect of cisplatin, it was concluded that the interactions of the platinum compound with DNA are critical for its cytotoxic activity.1) These interactions include various possible crosslinks in which the platinum coordinates to the nucleobases of the DNA, in particular to guanine and adenine-N7. In this way, the replication of DNA and thus the reproduction of the cells is prevented, causing cell death (apoptosis).

DNA bonded cisplatin as a 3D model

1) Roberts, J. J.; Thomson, A. J. (1979): The Mechanism of Action of Antitumor Platinum Compounds. In: Progress in Nucleic Acid Research & Molecular Biology. Elsevier Science22 , 71
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