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Hydrogenation of Alkenes with Metal Catalysts

Hydrogenation of Alkenes with Metal Catalysts: Industrial Applications.


Oil distillates and fractions obtained from the cracking process contain impurities, such as sulfur-, nitrogen- and oxygen compounds in addition to olefins and polyolefins. Polyolefins in particular affect the stability of fuels against oxidation. In the hydrocracking process, olefins are hydrogenated to alkanes using metal-catalyzed heterogeneous hydrogenation. At the same time, sulfur compounds are reduced to H2S which is removed by washing with bases.



Hardening of fats

In the hardening process, oily fats are transformed into solid fats by addition of hydrogen to the double bonds of fatty acids. The catalyst used in this process is nickel; hydrogenation is carried out at slightly elevated pressure. The process has already been used since 1902, for example, for the manufacturing of margarine.

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