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Acronyms in Life Sciences

Acronyms in Life Sciences

Acronyms (greek ónyma "name") are frequently used in the fields of biochemistry, molecular biology and toxicology. Numerous enzymes or other proteins are abbreviated in scientific literature, just like low-molecular weight compounds, working methods or virus names. Meanwhile, some of these acronyms are so common that dictionaries are required to identify their original meaning. In the Chemgapedia, many acronyms are linked to mouse-over explanations, like for example: GPx1). For all other applications, an acronym dictionary is now available.

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This PDF provides almost 1,500 acronyms and abbreviations in German and English translation. Listed in alphabetical order are the most common terms and respective synonyms used in reseach, teaching and everyday laboratory practice. The list of acronyms is complemented by structural formulas of selected small molecules.


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Diagram explaining the structure of acronym entries
1)GPx: glutathione peroxidase
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