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Solids: Introduction


Instruction : States of aggregation

Describe the specific properties of the solid state.

The solid state of aggregation is distinguished by the fact that the particles are packed relatively densely and are locked in place. There are substantial attractive forces between the particles. A solid thus retains its shape.

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Exercise : Crystal types

Solids are classified into how many crystal types?

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see Crystal types

Exercise : Crystal types

What forces hold together molecular crystals?

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Covalent bonds

Ionic bonds

Delocalized electrons

Dipole forces

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Exercise : Crystal and structure types

In which types of structure and crystal does carbon occur in diamond and graphite?

Diamond: , ; Graphite: ,

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Exercise : Structure type

What types of bonding are found in graphite?

Within the layers, the atoms are held together by whereas between the layers there are .

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Structure types

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