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Autoimmune Diagnostics

Intelligent Automation - Random Access Analyser

The Alegria random access analyser offers a fully automated and highly flexible process for the detection of autoantibodies.
Random Access Analyser Alegria
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Every test strip contains all of the reagents needed to test an individual sample: sample buffer, conjugate, substrate, and an internal cut-off control. All test information is transmitted to the system by means of individual bar codes.
Alegria test strip
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The codes contain information about the product name, a lot-specific and complete standard curve, threshold values for the internal cut-off control, and the recalculation algorithm, as well as the production of the test strip and its expiration date.
Each of the three carrier modules (SysTray A, B, C) can hold up to ten sample strips. It is thus possible to test up to 30 different samples with individual parameters in one analytical step.
In the temperature-controlled incubation chamber, all processes are carried out under strictly standardized conditions.
Incubation chamber
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Laboratories can use Alegria to carry out diagnostics tailored to their own individual requirements. Each patient sample can be handled as a single sample with minimal difficulty.

The following film demonstrates how Alegria works

Random Access Analyser Alegria
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