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Platinum as a Metallic Material

Example of Application: Glass for Flat Panel Displays

Feeder systems of platinum-rhodium alloys are used, for example, in the manufacture of glass for flat panel displays. The system is resistively heated. The blue flanges are the water-cooled current connectors. A feeder system of this type can be up to 3m long, the individual cells have a diameter up to 400mm. The glass temperature can exceed 1,600 °C. The high mechanical loading at the operating temperature and the severe thermal expansion during heating and cooling demand a material with high strength and good ductility, primarily PtRh90/10 DPH. The further figures show the stirrer for the cell on the left and the plunger for the cell on the right.

Feeder system
© Heraeus
© Heraeus

Stirrer for the left hand cell of the feeder system.

© Heraeus

Plunger for the right hand cell of the feeder system.

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