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Platinum as a Metallic Material

Examples of Products and Applications

Platinum products for laboratory applications
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Because of their high prices, materials based on precious metals are only used in applications where their special properties are indispensible. These are applications in which, besides the mechanical strength at high temperatures, the outstanding corrosion and oxidation resistance or the catalytic properties are essential. Examples are uses in the making and processing of glass, in the preparation of samples for chemical analysis, the manufacture of single crystals, in highly stressed parts of rocket engines and - in the form of woven or knitted gauzes - in the catalytic conversion of ammonia to nitric acid or hydrogen cyanide.

Further applications of platinum alloys are to be found in the field of fluorine chemistry, for example in reaction vessels for producing tetrafluoroethylene, the monomer of PTFE, or for melting the tooth-paste additive sodium-monofluorophosphate from a mixture of fluorides and phosphates. Dishes and linings of platinum are also used in the fluorination of uranium and plutonium.

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