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Learning Units from Industry

Learning UnitsENDE

In this section of ChemgaPedia scientists from industry provide fascinating insights into their companies' fields of activity. Like all ChemgaPedia content the topics are arranged as learning units. They contain various interactive and graphic elements, thus showing the diversity of a scientific working environment. Join in and learn from industry experts!

We want to extend this section and are therefore looking for new partners from industry, who want to report about their products and work. If your company is interested, please send us a mail to our contact address with the subject "Learning Units from Industry".

Orgentec Diagnostika GmbH

Autoimmunity - an IntroductionLevel 130 min.

Our immune system is acting as a protective shield against infectious agents and microbial invaders. If this defence gets out of control and turns against the body’s own structures it may destroy healthy tissue and organs. The result is an autoimmune disease with severe or even life-threatening complications.

Autoimmune DiagnosticsLevel 140 min.

Autoimmune diseases can affect every organ in the human body. The symptoms of these diseases thus vary correspondingly. Very often, they resemble the symptoms of other diseases and are difficult to differentiate. Highly specific laboratory techniques are used to support formation of a diagnosis. These methods are described in this chapter.

Heraeus Holding GmbH

The World of the Platinum Metals

This tutorial gives an outline of the precious metal platinum and related metals. You will gain insight into the world of platinum as a metallic material and as a catalyst and also into precious metal catalysts for homogeneous catalysis. Furthermore, you can read about pharmaceutical agents for cancer therapy in which platinum plays an important role.