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Chemistry of the elements

This learning path lists the learning units from the topic "Chemistry of the elements" in a reasonable order with regard to contents.

The World of the Platinum Metals

Platinum as a metallic material Level 145 min.

This learning unit gives an outline of the precious metal platinum.

Platinum as a catalyst Level 145 min.

This learning unit gives information on the topic of platinum as a catalyst. Applications in both homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis are considered.

Precious metal catalysts for homogeneous catalysis Level 130 min.

Read about a selection of outstanding examples of homogeneously catalyzed processes with precious metals that are used for large scale applications in industry.

Platinum in cancer therapy Level 130 min.

For many years Heraeus has been developing and manufacturing pharmaceutical agents for cancer therapy. Platinum plays a decisive role in a number of these.

Platinum in Medical TechnologyLevel 145 min.

Heraeus produces important components for medical technology from metals and alloys. Read about the role of platinum for applications in cardiac pacemakers and in treating aneurysms.

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The World of the Platinum Metals

This tutorial gives an outline of the precious metal platinum and related metals. You will gain insight into the world of platinum as a metallic material and as a catalyst and also into precious metal catalysts for homogeneous catalysis. Furthermore, you can read about pharmaceutical agents for cancer therapy in which platinum plays an important role.