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CHEMGAROO® - Educational Systems is our modern, individually adaptable e-learning platform for teaching chemistry in schools and universities as well as for career training and continuing education in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. CHEMGAROO® will meet your requirements for effective, timely training.

The flexible, modular packages offered will meet the needs of the wide range of persons requiring instruction: for educational institutions and industry we offer the complete learning system, or we can create individualized courses adapted to the needs of your company for vocational training and continuing education. The e-learning system can be purchased as an in-house version for reliable, Internet-independent integration in the company network or as an online solution. As a private or academic user you can use free modules of the online encyclopedia or acquire individual units at reasonable cost.

Members of the CHEMGAROO® Product Family:


ChemgaPedia® - A unique multimedia learning encyclopedia with the technical knowledge of chemistry.
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ChemgaCourse® - A flexible course system for individual training and continuing education.
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ChemgaNet® - Training modules as an in-house solution for education providers.
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www.wiley-vch.de/lbk/chemiebio & www.wiley-vch.de/lbk/physik

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