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Adobe Shockwave-Player Test Page

About Adobe Shockwave

Like Adobe Flash, Adobe Shockwave is used to supply interactive multimedia animations. The Shockwave animations are created using the Adobe Director software, which, as opposed to Flash, is not entirely vector-based. To display Shockwave applications in your browser, the Shockwave Player is required.

Adobe Shockwave Player Test

The correct installation of the Shockwave Player will be tested using an animation on a bubble cap tray column used for continuous distillation. (Source: 51123):

If the plugin is installed correctly, a bubble cap tray column should appear on the left side. After clicking the "start" button, the distillation process begins. If you can see the animation, the Adobe Shockwave Player is installed correctly on your system, and you can move on to the MathML test page. If the distillation column is not displayed, the installation of the Adobe Shockwave Player is necessary. The next chapter will help you with the installation.

Installation Instructions for Adobe Shockwave Player

The Shockwave Player can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe. The following installation instructions are valid for Internet Explorer:

Internet Explorer
  1. When a Shockwave application is loaded and Shockwave Player is not installed, a connection to Adobe is established automatically.
  2. You will get a security warning that has to be acknowledged by clicking the "yes" button.
  3. Then an installation window appears and shows you the progress of the installation.
  4. Finally, you are prompted to register the Shockwave Player.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen while registering.
  6. After successful registration, a shockwave application from Adobe appears. At the same time, the Shockwave animation on this page will be visible.
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