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About Java and Java 3D

Java is a programming language created by Sun Microsystems that, among other features, can be used to embed multimedia applications in web pages. Java applications are precompiled before they are transferred as so-called Java applets to your computer by a server. On your machine, the code is executed by your browser. An interactive applet can process your input directly or request further data from the server. The plugin which is needed to carry out these interactions is called "Java 2 Runtime Environment". Java 3D is an extension to Java (version 1.2 or higher) that allows the straightforward creation of 3D worlds.

Determination of the Installed Java Version and Java 3D Test

The following applet will detect if you have a suitable Java Runtime environment and Java 3D installed on your system and determines the version number. Java 3D is required, among other things, for the reaction visualization system CAVOC.

The Java applet on the left side checks the Java version installed on your computer. To be able to properly display all the ChemgaPedia applets, version 1.4.x or higher is recommended. In case an older version is installed, you may need to update. If you have Java 3D installed on your computer, a rotating cube should appear on the left side. The presence of Java 3D is also indicated by the text in the applet. If the cube does not appear, we recommend to install Java 3D.


If you are using multiple displays, Java will probably only run on the primary display.

Installation Instructions for Java Runtime Environment and Java 3D

Java and Java 3D can be downloaded free of charge from SUN.

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