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1. FAQs

We have put together for you the most frequently asked questions about ChemgaPedia. Should you have any further questions, please contact us using the feedback function or by e-mail: chemgapedia@wiley.com.

2. Technical requirements

We recommend using the following browsers for the display:

  • Internet Explorer, version 6.0 or later (normally pre-installed in current Windows systems)
  • Firefox in the newest possible version. Beta versions are not recommended for productive use.

We recommend activating Javascript.


The ChemgaPedia content is prepared for multimedia use. Plugins are required for displaying all of the elements. Plugins are auxiliary programs that extend the functionality of the browser.

The most important plugins for the use of ChemgaPedia are:

These plugins are required to properly display the multimedia content embedded in many ChemgaPedia pages. A red hint means, that the plugin is not installed. Use the link to reach the plugin information page.
Unfortunately, some plugins are only available for MS Windows and Mac OS, so that the performance may be affected on other operating systems.

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