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What does CHEMGAROO stand for?

The name CHEMGAROO is a neologism from "chemistry" and "kangaroo", with the slogan "Jump to knowledge". CHEMGAROO - Educational Systems is a comprehensive learning service of Wiley Information Services GmbH for education and further education in science and technology.

What is ChemgaPedia?

ChemgaPedia is a unique online encyclopaedia, providing fundamental specialist knowledge in chemistry and related sciences in over 1,700 multimedia learning units. All content is editorially checked before publication. Find out more under "About us".

How do I navigate through ChemgaPedia?

Our learning units are subdivided into subject areas and topics. You will find your required learning unit by selecting a subject from the ChemgaPedia home page, then a subject area and a topic. All of the associated learning units are listed on the overview pages of the topics. Alternatively, you can find learning units using the search function.

Why is ChemgaPedia structured in learning units?

This structuring of learning units provides great flexibility. Learning units are complete in themselves and can thus be learned individually. Alternatively they can be put together into courses that can be tailored to the individual requirements of the learner. Each learning unit has defined objectives and is linked through references to the necessary principles and further learning units with related learning units. All of the learning units contain details of the time required and the degree of difficulty. The overview pages on the topics also specify a sensible sequence of learning units.

How do I navigate in the learning unit?

When you open a learning unit, the arrow on the right-hand side will take you through the content or, at the end of the page, to the next page in your learning unit. You can jump directly to other pages within the learning unit using the list of content on the right next to the content.

How can I search in ChemgaPedia?

There are two possible ways of searching in ChemgaPedia. You can find a general search at the top right of our site. Here you can search the entire ChemgaPedia. If you specifically want to search in the glossary, you can find a specific search in the glossary area that takes only our glossary terms into account.

What is a tutorial?

Our tutorials are an educationally-logical sequence of learning units that comprehensively cover a large complex of topics. Through special navigation you will be guided directly from one learning unit to another.

What can I do if particular content is not displayed on my computer?

Your browser needs a few plugins to display all of the multimedia elements. ChemgaPedia tries to display the content using the minimum number of plugins necessary. The plugins already installed to your computer and how to add the missing ones can be found on our plugin test pages. If you have any specific questions please contact chemgapedia@wiley.com.

Can I get a degree through ChemgaPedia?

Unfortunately that is not possible. ChemgaPedia is a home-learning facility without any specific tutor support. The content is mostly suitable as teaching and learning material to accompany studies.

Can I use material from ChemgaPedia for presentations or academic work?

ChemgaPedia can be used as a scientific source if correctly cited; accordingly images can also be used for academic work if the source is correspondingly given. Please contact us by e-mail for any other types of use.

Is it possible to obtain an offline version of ChemgaPedia or individual learning units?

Yes, that is possible, but offline versions of the content are subject to a fee. To give you a quote, we require accurate information regarding the content required, the purpose of its use and the number of users.