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Chime Test Page

About Chime

The Symyx Chime plugin (formerly MDL Chime) enables your browser to display three-dimensional models of chemical structures. Chime can read various file types and offers an optional link between chemical structure and spectra.

Chime Test

If Chime is installed properly on your system, three 3D molecules in different file types should appear on the left side. Before you continue with the Shockwave-Player test page, the following short manual will show you some of the most important features of Chime.
  • Rotation
    The structures displayed here can be rotated in every direction by dragging with your mouse on the Chime screens.
  • Zoom
    You can zoom in and out by holding down your shift key while dragging your mouse up and down on the Chime screens.
  • Moving the molecules
    You can move the 3D structures by holding down the Ctrl key and your right mouse button while moving your mouse across the Chime screen.
  • Context menu
    By clicking your right mouse button on a chime screen, you will get a context menu with many further options and settings.
In addition, some 3D molecules can be controlled by scripts. Various actions can be activated by clicking Chime buttons, as shown on the chlorophyll molecule on the upper left side.

If the 3D representations are not displayed on your computer, the required Chime plugin is missing. The following chapter gives you advice how to install Chime.

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Installation Instructions for Chime

The Chime plugin can be downloaded free of charge from Symyx. However, a free registration at their website is mandatory.

Internet Explorer
  1. Before you can download the installation file, you have to sign up (cost-free) at the registration page at Symyx. You will receive a login name and a password, so that you can login to the Symyx website.
  2. The installation file is available at the "download" section. Save this file to your local hard drive or choose "open" from the download dialog to execute the file directly.
  3. When the installation program starts, follow the instructions on the screen.
  4. After the successful installation and reloading this page, you should be able to see the 3D molecules on the left side.
Mozilla Firefox
  1. Download the plugin und install it.
  2. Search for the file npchime.dll. Usually you'll find it in "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\Plugins".
  3. Copy the file in the Firefox-PlugIn directory. This is normally "C:\Programme\Mozilla Firefox\plugins". Restart the browser and the 3D-molecules should be displayed.
Alternative Method
  1. If you can't install the Chime-plugin or you work under Linux or an other OS the 3D-molecules will be displayed in a java-applet