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23. November 1837 in Leiden
08. März 1923 in Amsterdam

Dutch scientist and recipient of Nobel Prize in Physics in 1910. He is famous for his work on thermodynamics. He formulated the equation of state for gases and liquids. The equation describes the relationship between pressure, volume and temperature of fluids. He took into account not only the existence of molecules but also their finite size (volume) and the fact that the molecules attract each other. He was one of the first scientists to postulate the existence of these intermolecular forces which are now called van der Waals forces.


1837Geboren am 23. November in Leiden
1862 - 1865Student at the University Leiden
1866Director of a secondary school in The Hague
1877 - 1907Professor of Physics at the university Amsterdam
1873Ph.D. at Leiden University for a thesis entitled Over de Continuïteit van den Gas- en Vloeistoftoestand
1923Gestorben am 08. März in Amsterdam