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Subject - cell biology

Peroxisomes are organelles bound by a single membrane and are classified as cellular microbodies. Their primary enzymes are catalases and peroxidases. The latter reduce oxygen to hydrogen peroxide, whose occurrence explains the name of these organelles. Small peroxisomes with a diameter of up to 0.25 µm are found in all mammalian cells, while large peroxisomes with a diameter of about 1.5 µm occur only in the kidney and liver, where they participate in biotransformation reactions for detoxification. In addition, they perform general metabolic functions, including fatty acid oxidation.

Recommended Learning Units

Cell Structure and Cell OrganellesLevel 160 min.

BiochemistryBiological FundamentalsCell Morphology

Cytology is introduced by means of illustrations, animations, and a comprehensive collection of references and selected links.