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The catalyst named after H. Lindlar is used for the stereospecific hydrogenation of alkynes to cis alkenes. It consists of palladium deposited on barium sulfate or calcium carbonate. In order to prevent the complete hydrogenation to alkanes, the palladium sites are deactivated by adding catalyst poisons such as lead oxide or lead acetate/quinoline.

Recommended Learning Units

Cis/Trans Hydrogenation of AlkynesLevel 210 min.

ChemistryOrganic ChemistryAlkynes

The learning unit describes different methods of synthesis of cis and trans alkenes by hydrogenation of alkynes.

Hydrogenation of Alkynes with the Lindlar catalystLevel 220 min.

ChemistryOrganic ChemistryReduction Reactions

This learning unit describes the hydrogenation of alkynes using the Lindlar catalyst. The catalyst itself and the stereochemistry of this reaction are explained.