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24. Juli 1794 in Schleswig
14. Dezember 1865 in Copenhagen

Among his more important works are: Loerebog i. de enkelte Radicalers Chemi (1842); Danmarks geognostiske Forhold (1835); Om de Bornholmske Kulformationer (1836); Dit myere Kridt 1 Danmark (1847); Bidrag til Skildringen of Danmarks geographiske Forhol.d (1858). A list of his contributions to scientific periodicals, Danish, English and German, will be found in the Catalogue of Scientific Papers published by the Royal Society of London. One of the most interesting and most recent is On the Constitution of Sea Water at Different Depths and in Different Latitudes, in the Proceedings of the Roy. Soc. xii. (1862-1863).


1794Geboren am 24. Juli in Schleswig
1815 - 1818Kiel and Copenhagen
1820Obtained a doctors degree by a chemical treatise Dc mangano
1823 - 1829Appointed lecturer at Copenhagen University on chemistry and mineralogy
1829Post in the newly established polytechnic school
1831Appointed professor of mineralogy in the university
1848Curator of the geological museum.
1835 - 1837Many contributions to the geological survey of Denmark.
1851On the death of H. C. Oersted in 1851, he succeeded him as director of the polytechnic school and secretary of the Academy of Sciences.
1865Gestorben am 14. Dezember in Copenhagen