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Hermann Emil FischerZoomA-Z


09. Oktober 1852 in Euskirchen
15. Juli 1919 in Berlin

German chemist and recipient of Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1902. He worked on hydrazines and has discovered phenylhydrazine. Fischer studied the active components of tea, coffee and cocoa, namely caffeine and theobromine. He also worked on the purines and the sugars. Moreover, he made a great contribution to our knowledge of the proteins and enzymes. He established the type of bond, called the peptide bond that would connect amino acids together in chains, creating dipeptides, tripeptides and polypeptides. In 1890, he proposed a "Lock and Key Model" to visualize the substrate and enzyme interaction, although, later studies did not support this model in all enzymatic reactions.


1852Geboren am 09. Oktober in Euskirchen
1919Gestorben am 15. Juli in Berlin