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Subject - Biochemistry

A fatty acid is an aliphatic carboxylic acid normally having an unbranched carbon chain. Exceptions are isobutyric acid i-C3H7-COOH, isovaleric acid i-C4H9-COOH and some other fatty acids with little branching.

The most important fatty acids are formic acid HCOOH, acetic acid CH3COOH, propionic acid C2H5COOH, butyric acid n-C3H7COOH, palmitic acid n-C15H31COOH, and stearic acid n-C17H35COOH. The most important single unsaturated fatty acids are acrylic acid C2H3COOH and oleic acid. C17H33COOH. The most important double-unsaturated fatty acids are sorbic acid C5H7COOH and linoleic acid C17H31COOH. The most important triple-unsaturated fatty acid is linolenic acid C17H29COOH. Usually, natural unsatured fatty acids possess cis configuration.

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