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20. März 1735 in Katrineberg, Sweden
08. Juli 1784 in Medevi, Sweden

First to use diagrams and symbols to explain chemical reactions instead of prose. Credited as the founder of Quantitative Analysis and is considered as one of the founders of analytical chemistry. Bergman first established geology as a scientific discipline with the first to classify rock: uråldrige (primative), flolägrige (bedded), hopvräkta (swept-together), and vulkaner (volcanic).

Bergman discovers manganèse in collaboration with C. W. Scheele and in 1775 prepares nickel to the comparatively pure state.

In 1785, in collaboration with Scheele, he discovers tungsten.

His most important work is "Physick Beskrifning Ofver Jordklotet" (1766) or "Physical description of the Earth," which was published in Swedish (not Latin). It was later translated into Danish, German and Russian, but not English.


1735Geboren am 20. März in Katrineberg, Sweden
He was a student at the University of Uppsala under Linnaeus
- 1758Earned a Ph.D. degree by the University of Uppsala
He taught physics and mathematics as a lecturer at the University of Uppsala.
1767Was made Professor of Chemistry at Uppsala
1784Gestorben am 08. Juli in Medevi, Sweden