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Interactive programs, exercises and games. Here you will find special ChemgaPedia items that make learning chemistry even more exciting.


A quick break from learning: In this molecule-construction game you have to put together molecules by rotating atoms and you can try to beat the current high scores. The clock is ticking …


Advanced spectral analysis: The ChemgaCrew is pleased to be able to offer you within the scope of ChemgaPedia a multispectroscopy exercise routine, developed by the University of Nice. Using 100 examples, the combined spectral analysis can be trained to identify organic substances. To multispectroscopy.

Life Science Acronyms

Acronyms (from the Greek ónyma, "name") are ubiquitous in the specialist areas of biochemistry, molecular biology and toxicology. Enzymes and other proteins are also abbreviated in specialist literature, as are low-molecular agents, working methods and the names of viruses. Some of these acronyms have since become so common that their actual meaning often has to be looked up. In ChemgaPedia, many acronyms are linked with an explanatory mouse-over effect, e.g. GPx. For work outside ChemgaPedia, a reference work is suitable.

The "Life Science Acronyms" PDF contains almost 1,500 acronyms and abbreviations in German and English. It is a selection of the most common terms and their synonyms from the fields of biochemistry, molecular biology and toxicology, which are used both in research and in everyday laboratory life. The acronyms are supplemented by a selection of structural formulae of smaller molecules.

File size: 7,5 MB Download PDF

Alternatively as an Android App from Google Play

Chemistry Acronyms

This variant for chemical acronyms, with around 900 entries on chemical substances and fragments, is also available as an app for Android and iPad.