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You will find knowledge about chemistry and related sciences in over 1,700 learning units on 18,000 pages. Augmented with approx. 25,000 media elements and 900 exercises. ChemgaPedia offers a multimedia-based and interactive learning experience with scientifically verified content.

ChemgaPedia is primarily a German-language service. So far, approx. 130 learning units are available in English. In the list of content you will find the number of learning units available in German and English in the overview lists.


Attention - everything's new.

ChemgaPedia has got a new look. In recent months we have worked intensively to fundamentally renovate our popular learning program for you. We have rebuilt ChemgaPedia not only visually but also regarding the navigation and clarity of the information provided. We hope you like the new layout, and we are really looking forward to hearing your comments and opinions – for example, by using the new feedback function on each page!

ChemgaPedia – Learn about chemistry and more

There is not only extensive learning material on course contents in ChemgaPedia; there are also lots of other facilities for you:

For example, under Research & Development we show you aspects from the scientist's world of work – whether in industry or in research institutes. Under the Features point we have put together special small fun items for you. Have a look around - there's a lot to discover! ChemgaPedia is a service of Wiley-VCH.

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